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Vampire Princess Miyu

This is one of the best anime show that was ever created. It is created by Narumi Kakinouchi,and Toshihiro Hirano. Vampire Princess Miyu is a really touching story about a 13 year-old-girl called Miyu. One day on her 13th birthday, she discovers a very startling,dark secret-she is a VAMPIRE. When she was walking home a very beautiful blue-haired guy stopped her. That guy as we later known is Larva, a shinma or monster send from the West to kill her, before her vampire blood was awakened. He,howeverr,pitied the young girl and let her live. Just when he decided to kill her, Miyu's vampire self awakened, and she took some of Larva's blood making him her eternal servant. From then on Larva wears a mask that takes away his voice, it is a symbol of his failure. Back to that faithful day. When Miyu got home, everything is in chaos. Her father is transforming into a angry shinma, and her mother tried to prevent her from becoming a vampire. When trying to pretect her daughter from her destiny, she freed all the shinmas locked in the DARK (hell). The whole anime show is about Miyu and Larva's adventure in recapturing all the shinmas that have escaped. Oh one more thing, Miyu will never aga until her quest is complete.